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I gigged as a pianist and organist during the late 90s through the early 2010s. I was also in an indie rock band for a few years. In 2013 I started using a DAW to make electronic music under the name death of codes. I also release ambient/experimental music as pillar of garbage. I've participated in several collaborations over the last decade, and I still play the pipe organ when I can get access to one.

D Pillar Records

My record label, releasing my solo and collaboration projects.

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pillar of garbage on Bandcamp

My noise/ambient solo electronic music project.

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Non-electronic music Soundcloud

A miscellaneous Soundcloud where I post non-electronic music tracks; all unreleased and/or works-in-progress.

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death of codes on Bandcamp

My main electronic music solo project.

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death of codes on Soundcloud

Some of my released tracks as well as unreleased tracks and works-in-progress.

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YouTube organ playlist

A playlist of videos of me playing the organ.

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