Meg's New Music Blog

I've been blogging at MNMB since 2010 about concerts, new releases, and social issues related to music.

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Sound Meets Sound podcast

I've been podcasting since 2016; interviews, music analysis, mixes. Also available on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/sound_meets_sound/

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Vive Magazine article

An article I wrote for Vive Magazine on creating inclusive spaces in the electronic music scene.

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Music Theory & Interpol

I've been blogging since 2007 about the music of rock band Interpol.

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Morton Feldman analysis

The culmination of my graduate work on the creation of an analytical technique based on the composer's manuscripts.

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NewMusicBox posts

A series of posts I wrote for the NewMusicBox site.

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I've also written liner notes for Aerocade Music's 2019 release Because Patterns by Issac Schankler: https://aerocademusic.com/because-patterns

And WERGO's 2019 release Patterns in a Chromatic Field by Morton Feldman: https://en.schott-music.com/shop/patterns-in-a-chromatic-field-no441680.html

I spent over a decade—roughly 2007 to 2018—regularly writing about music and interviewing musicians. My writing/interviewing time nowadays is much more limited, but you will still  see me expressing opinions and talking with awesome musicians from time to time.