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A Bit About Me

I'm a professional musician crossing over into the acting world. In the two years that I've been pursuing this long-delayed dream I've done as much training as possible and have booked five roles in indie and student films. I've been described as smart, kind, and quirky. I love finding the humor in sadness and the sadness in humor, and I love, love being an actor.



First classes in beginner acting at the TSAW Online school. Beginning in May, one-on-one coaching with actor Kerri Evans (ongoing).


Dec.: Played Mrs. Cesaro in SUNY Purchase student film ARLENE.

Sept.–Oct.: Self Tapes That Book with DaJuan Johnson.

Aug.–Oct.: 10-week acting class at The Barrow Group.

August: Filmed first on-camera role (Christine in SMILE, DYLAN).

June: Acting Intensive Workshop at The Barrow Group.

May: First auditions (self-tapes and live Zoom) for student and independent films.

March: Self-Tape Technique class at Berkeley Rep.


Training in opera and musical theatre. Performances Stepmother/Witch in Hansel and Gretel, as well as scenes from Mozart, Menotti, and others.


May: Played Miranda in scene reenactment of And Just Like That... at City College

Feb.: Booked role of Lisa in Temple University student film SYNTH.

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