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Here's what I got up to in 2021:

January 2021 - Pino + Angel released a single featuring my vocals and my video for pillar of garbage's "whisper" was included on MONOMER TV

February 2021 - My video for "Abysm" was included on MONOMER TV, my label D Pillar Records released a remix album with Kelli Frances Corrado, and I wrote a blog post about white feminism:

March 2021 - I interviewed Kendra Preston Leonard and Lisa Neher for my podcast Sound Meets Sound and I made an exclusive mix for TAAAR podcast

April 2021 - I remixed a song by Electric Djinn, was featured on KAMALA TV, and 1tracktape released my song "kyklos" in a compilation that was reviewed in The Wire UK magazine, who wrote "California's death of codes mine dark ambient gloom from Enya-esque ethereality."

May 2021 - I released a pillar of garbage single and I made an exclusive mix for De Zee podcast

June 2021 - I released a mix on my podcast Sound Meets Sound

July 2021 - I made an exclusive mix for ProZeccoCast and TRVTH released a collaboration with death of codes

August 2021 - I wrote an article on creating inclusive spaces in the electronic music scene for Vive Magazine

September 2021 - Crystal Cage and I released an EP

October 2021 - Untitled Burial released a Crystal Cage/death of codes collaboration on YouTube, and I released a death of codes EP and another pillar of garbage single

November 2021 - A haiku I submitted at the invitation of Regina Harris Baiocchi was set to music by Melissa Wang and performed at the NIU New Music Festival

December 2021 - Crystal Cage and I released a single

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